ORT 915MHz TX/RX Antenna ( Dipole )

ORT 915MHz TX/RX Antenna ( Dipole )


ORT 915MHz TX/RX Antenna (Dipole)

Specification :
Freq Channel: 850-950 MHz
Gain (dBi) : 3 dBic
SWR/S11 : < 1:1.3
Polarization : Linearly Polarized
Gain Pattern : OmniDirectional
Connector : SMA Only


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Product Description

MADE IN INDONESIA, special tuned for each Antenna. A dipole antenna commonly consists of two identical conductive elements such as metal wires or rods, which are usually bilaterally symmetrical. Dipole antenna is known as most efficient omni antenna with null below and above the antenna.

We have corect building technique & special device to tuned each antenna to ensure no power loss return back to your transmitter and damage them. Untuning antenna for transmitter is not only make your transmitter loss power at a time but also potentially burned them due to heat produced. Hence we ensure each antenna is checked & tuned out of our workshop to get lowest possible SWR for longer & most stabil ranges for your RC link. Absolutely not worth risking your high end devices/UAV for some cheapo & massed production transmitter antenna. Put this one and fly confidently with your gear. #trustyourgear