Amass XT60 Smoke Stopper 1-6S 33V Connecting Line Short Tester

Amass XT60 Smoke Stopper 1-6S 33V Connecting Line Short Tester



1-6S 33V Amass XT30/XT60 Smoke Stopper Connecting Line Short Tester Circle Breaker, it helps to connect the line or circle correctly,Β  reduce connection error andΒ  explosion caused by the error connection, but the smoke stopper could not 100% to detected the connection error danger, Try to connect line correctly or do not connect circle go-as-your-please.


Product: XT30/XT60 Smoke Stopper Circle Breaker
Battery: 1-6s Capable(33v max)
0.5A Hold current,1A Trip Current
1.1A Hold current,2.2A Trip Current
0.5S Trip time

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